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Vehicle rust prevention

To give your vehicle long-lasting protection from rust, we use Waxoyl products.


Waxoyl is a rust-preventive fluid that has been used for decades, primarily for vehicles and machinery. It is used

to prolong the life of steel car chassis and bodywork, by excluding water and air from bare metal and by slowing the progress of existing surface rust using phosphoric acid rust inhibitors. The fluid is a suspension of waxy particles in white spirit, which evaporates after application.


Waxoyl underseal is designed to resist damage in high impact underbody areas and contains the same anti-rust formulation. It is also designed to remain viscous for extended periods.

Protection can be applied to any road or agricultural vehicle.

There are different levels of protection available to suit your needs and budget.


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Protect your car from rust  

Tough and durable rust treatment

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