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Wheel and headlight alignment

It is very important to check the alignment of your wheels to avoid irregular tyre wear and ensure the safety of the vehicle. At Anvil Tyres, we carry out wheel alignment checks and adjustments.


Wheel alignment can be affected by road conditions and excessive wear of steering and suspension components. For a smooth ride, it is vital that the alignment of wheels is as per manufacturer's specification.

What does wheel alignment involve?

Wheel alignment is set by checking and adjusting the direction and the angle of the wheels against the vehicle manufacturer's specifications. This can be described as incorrect 'toe-in' and 'toe-out'.

Are your wheels and headlights aligned?

Ensure you are safe with our thorough checks

Incorrect headlight alignment will instantly make your vehicle fail its MOT. If you notice that one beam is shining further down the road, or the centre of the road is darker than the roadside, it means your vehicle headlights are not aligned correctly.


We use a laser-guided beam setter to adjust the alignment of headlights. We are able to do this while you wait and there is no need for an appointment.

Headlight alignment

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Wheel alignment in operation